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25 July 2007 @ 09:59 am
Just spent the am looking over my work for the day and I decided to write on the journal. This summer has just begun for me.
I finished the tack room and feel more organized with the horses and just love the fact that Daniel is enjoying the animals with me. It is fun to have someone at the barn wtih you.

Peter is busy with a fantastic garden that he has designed and built with raised beds. We have swiss chard and squash and soon the tomatoes will be ripe. The chicken coop is getting a new roof and  fence around its yard. Orchard Hill looks the best it  has ever been.
28 January 2007 @ 04:28 pm
It been a busy two weeks with the arrival of our new member of our household. Welcome to Mr. Mark Ghoriafi and English boy from north London who has a passion for women, American life and world wide wrestling. This is more of a cultural exchange  for our family then for Mr. Mark. We hope he'll enjoy the six month education that Germantown Academy is giving him and starts to buckle down to study and school. He is great fun and I think will add some real memories to our lives.

So I have been busy with helping him get clothes "that are cool", a school schedule, books.  And trying to fix the veggie meals that will please him. I have also had to spend allot of time setting limits "what is it about NO that you do not understand"?? NO you can not fly to Austin, Texas for the Royal Rumble of WWE and take the red eye home for school on Monday.  How long is your girl friend coming for a visit? And no you can not jet off all over the USA on weekends....... You want to go to the Moroccan restaurant with belly dancers?? OK..... that is cool ......and who's house are you spending the night at?? What is her mothers name?? Does she attend GA??? And when will you be home? WHEW.....It has just been a week.

 I have not had the kind of free mind and time to spend with him.. Mr. Bergen who is calm, cool and collected and I can't believe it is the same horse? Tommrow, Peter and I travel to NYC for the night and work the gift show for this spring/summer goods for the shop. Then 1-31-07 ( Wednesday) the horses have an apt.  with the dentist. That is a fascinating event to watch. They get their teeth filed. I can't wait. It is so fun to watch this.

Laurel's baby is in the hospital with ammonia and RSV...so I think on Thursday and Friday I will be at Abbington Hospital with her.......Poor Laurel she is so over whelmed with her residency at Jefferson and travel to the city every day and this sickly child and pregnant with # 2. I thought I was busy??.....

Business is chugging along. The cold weather has slowed sales (for me that is a blessing) as Chris gave his notice and I have been training a new employee. So I have pulled some extra shifts to make this transaction and training smooth.

So Journal ...Untill Feb ......I  will let you know how our exchange student is folding in and  hopefully  gettin life back to normal
Mair  & Dave will come to stay and take care of me!!!
15 January 2007 @ 05:46 am
   I am up at 4:30 this am with thoughts heavy on my mind. Unusual for me. 
   But I need days of office work. So here I am, working on
    my journal, all this makes sense doesn't it ?
12 January 2007 @ 09:11 pm

Today: I experienced a moment where the light went on. For many it will seem like nothing, but I was able to experience a feeling then see it  in my mind.
Bergen, my 6 year old thoroughbred is out at the Wright Farm for training. A beast that  I have great respect for. I find that this is the animal who will take me farther than I have gone before with a horse. Today we experienced  together the movement the feeling of a center in my core. Understanding the slow pace not the race.

11 January 2007 @ 10:13 pm
Hello ...I am here and stay tuned. I just wrote sixtus_vi as my first posting. Thank you Tom G for the help. I feel really smart